Our team

Together, we sow the seeds of progress



Nazrul spends most of his time in telecommunication industry building the infrastructure for the next information technology revolution. After completing his postgraduate study at the University of Surrey, he ventures into a new domain of finding and addressing “problems worth solving” utilising his engineering know-how. His current read includes entrepreneurship, economics, history and agriculture.



Hadi is a System Integrator specialist providing industrial solution in the era of Industrial IoT. He has been working on R&D for more than 10 years with vast experience in researching new technological applications and choosing the right solutions. His expertise includes cloud services, embedded systems, networking and full-stack application development.



Iskandar graduated from UNIKL in Mechatronics engineering and spends most of his career in project management at Sime Darby Group and ZTE. He joined ZTE to work on network optimization after completed his postgraduate study in Petroleum Refining Systems Engineering at the University of Surrey. He is looking to play a part in reviving Malaysia’s agriculture with his diverse engineering background.



Feroz is a Full Stack Data scientist contribution to community with data driven way of work at great efficiency. Implementing industry revolution 4.0 concept in telecommunication industry for past 5 years in vast scope including Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence couple up with 10 years of system development and digitizing various fields.